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All of our sweets have been carefully cherry picked for Sweetmarket.co.uk. The Sweets are categorized to make finding your favorites as easy as possible. All of our sweets have been source by some of the leading suppliers and Award Winning Chocolatiers and Sweet Artisans, via Amazon under their “sweet products”, in order to bring you the very best in price, quality and a Amazon delivery that you can count on. Sweet Market is in association with Amazon as an affiliation and all products enquire, refunds are communicated directly with Amazon.

Who We Are

SweetMarket.co.uk is owned and managed by the good people at Breathe Luxury Ltd, a registered company in England & Wales. The company decided to setup Sweet Market to help customers find sweets more efficently and making the consumer purchasing process simple, secure and fast. The company focus on using and developing their social network via instagram and Facebook to create brand awareness no just on sweets but on great children charities that are making a real difference.

Our vision is to see Sweet Market being a “household Brand” for all things sweet related. making it the “go to place” to purchase sweets online.

Our core values are driven by a desire to help our customers find sweet product via a dedicated sweet marketplace, by providing them the best quality and value for money.

Our mission is to be the UK’s No.1 Online Sweet Market, where our customers can purchase sweet products with full confidence and knowing that all of our products are from Amazon vendors. making the whole shopping experience safe and secure.

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